Levels of Power The President
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Levels of Power The President

Levels of Power: The Vice President

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Release: Dec 8, 2015

Millions of Americans are closely following the national election process as President Harold Miller faces two challengers from within his own party for the nomination at the upcoming Republican Convention. Short by 211 delegates, Miller must deal with either Jerrod Wyman, his own former vice president, or Leonard Graham, former speaker of the US House of Representatives. Not in many years has the nation witnessed a brokered convention. All the party in fighting will certainly tear the GOP apart. Wyman has plenty of money and Graham a pocketful of dirty tricks. Senator Tom Evans has already locked up the votes needed for his own nomination during the upcoming Democratic convention in Baltimore. There is little doubt in his mind that South Carolina Senator Randy Fisher is the right man to be his running mate. Regardless of the outcome of the Republican convention, the DNC is confident their candidates can remove President Miller or win against the other challengers. The Democratic campaign appears to be working perfectly as they leave their convention and make the final run for the White House. The polls are showing a growing tide of support for the two senators. They appear unstoppable to the Republicans until an event, never thought possible, derails the perfectly planned Democratic campaign. Levels of Power: The Vice President tells the back room story of politics at the highest level. Politics at it’s best. Politics at it’s worst.