Toilet Salesman
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Toilet Salesman

The Toilet Salesman: The oh…so Necessary Guy

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Release: April 24, 2014

“Sales representative by day; author by night. This is the real story behind selling one of life’s necessities. This is the story of The Toilet Salesman.

Their official name is toilet or water closet but they have many vernacular names. Crapper, John, or Thunder Buckets are just a few. You can hardly go through a day without one but still you give them no respect.

When they function properly, as in flush and forget you never give them a second thought. When they clog, leak, or break, they demand your immediate attention.

Selling toilets is not romantic or likely to be the subject of the latest Hollywood action flick. Selling toilets is real everyday hard work to many plumbing sales associates in our country and around the world.

Millions of people throughout the world have no access to toilets or even clean drinking water. In our everyday lives, toilets fall into that category of objects we just take for granted.

This book contains information learned from almost twenty-five years in the plumbing trade industry. It is tastefully written, humorous, and filled with valuable information about toilets and the selling process. Once you have learned the contents of the narrative, you will dazzle your neighbors at the next block party about the inside story of selling toilets.”