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The Stadium Murder

About This Book

One family. Three generations. All dead. Could the deaths of an entire family be by the hand of one murderer? That is the question facing the SLED investigators as they begin to unravel a twisted plot culminating with the recent brutal murder of the head football coach for the largest university in Columbia, South Carolina.
The latest victim is murdered minutes after his team wins the final game to the regular season. The investigators soon find themselves reviewing the work of other investigative agencies looking for evidence that the unusual deaths of the victim’s family are all connected.
Once again Tommy Marks, Cathy Motts, and their fellow SLED investigators are joined by Kyle Hendricks of the Columbia Police Department to solve a heinous series of murders. With little evidence as to their killer they must look deep into the victim’s past to find a murder with an unlimited supply of hatred.

A lifetime spent on vengeance takes only minutes to fulfill the final installment.