Levels of Power Senator
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Levels of Power Senator

Levels Of Power: The Senator

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Release: Mar 14, 2013

Life’s little interruptions. Everybody has them but seldom do they change your life forever One ordinary man—a normal sales call —a deadly event.
Randy Fisher is a sales manager trying to finish the day when suddenly confronted with a national security situation. One moment his is walking beside his customer. The next, the customer is dead and Randy badly wounded by a terrorist bullet.
The opening chapter in The Senator changes Randy’s life as he forces himself to rely on nearly forgotten training learned years before when a military policemen. Somehow, he must survive the next few minutes.
The near catastrophic event shakes the very foundation for millions of Americans. Enough to alter the course of a presidential election.
The changes for Randy continue when the governor of South Carolina sends his name before the United States Senate to fill a vacancy opened by the retirement of Robert Moore. Moore and Randy’s late wife worked together and the retiring senator knows that the powerful egos in Washington will not intimidate the new appointee.
In the Senate only a short time, Randy receives a request through his office in Greenville, SC for federal funding to complete the final development of a new high-efficient solar cell. Supporting the request, he turns to the Department of Energy and their department for advanced research where he meets Annie Willis, a DOE project manager. Together they work to push the $45 million dollar request through channels only at the last minute to have the White House prevent the agency’s approval.
As the relationship between Randy and Annie develops, so does their investigation into the sudden loss of support for their project. Powerful forces connected to the Oval Office lie behind the decision. Perhaps more than a newly appointed senator can handle.
The Senator is the first novel in the Levels of Power series. Millions of Americans today tire of the political bickering in Washington DC. Now you can read about a politician the judges the issues as to right or wrong instead of left or right.