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Levels of Power: The President: Closures

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Release: Sept 29, 2016

A new president. A new administration. By an overwhelming majority, Randy Fisher enters the Oval Office after defeating the incumbent. Having assumed the presidency under the 25th Amendment due to the death of the party’s presidential nominee only a few days before the election, Randy’s most important campaign promise is to nominate a person to fill the empty office of vice president. Already the Senate has filled the vacancy due to Senator Evans’s death and the new majority leader will soon show the White House that his support is not a given. Historians will point out that most new administrations will face their first national security incident within six months of taking the oath of office. In Iran, a dying political leader entrusts his final order to a man known only as The Elder. The plan, years in development, will hurt the Great Satin in the west far worse than 9-11 ever could. As for Israel, the sliver of land next to the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea will lie destroyed under a dark mushroom cloud. Levels of Power, the continuing story of Randy Fisher, moves into a new era. From an ordinary business professional, to senator, and now president, these stories explore the power structure of the office holders within the federal government. In The President: Closures, the new president will deal with an old and deadly enemy while facing pressures from the new Senate leadership.