Levels of Power Legislator
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Levels of Power Legislator

Levels of Power: The Legislator

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Release: June 21, 2013

Pathway to citizenship or deportation for illegal immigrants?
Immigration—perhaps the most explosive social question facing our country today. In The Legislator, the sequel to The Senator in Mike Gilmore’s Levels of Power series, two U.S. senators place their political future in jeopardy when the governor of Arizona ask for their help to stop heavily armed drugs runners from crossing the U.S. / Mexico border.
Senators Randy Fisher and Tom Evans know that to solve border security they must also bring the issue of immigration to the forefront of the U.S. Congress. In a coordinated event, they team up with members of the House of Representatives to submit before both chambers two controversial pieces of legislation to finally deal with the political issues.
The initial reception by congress to the legislation seems to favor the bills but their most powerful foe remains silent to the American voters—the White House.
When finally pressured for a statement, the president holds nothing back. Declaring that the senators are only interested in votes for the next election, he uses every political power of his office to defeat the bills.
Months of work by the legislators to convince the members of congress pale in comparison to deadly events outside of their control.
Levels of Power: The Legislator offers a unique viewpoint on a pathway to citizenship for nearly 20 million illegal immigrants straining the social systems of the United States.