The Lace House Murder
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The Lace House Murder


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Release: Oct 24, 2014

South Carolina Governor Rick O’Shay holds the highest approval ratings most citizens of the state can remember for several generations. His entry into statewide politics offered a fresh experience from old established political power. Now into his second term, he is determined to hold back cost by state politicians looking after their own special interest. On the evening of his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration, within the beautiful surroundings of the Lace House on the governor’s complex in Columbia, someone decides O’Shay will not complete his term in office. Tommy Marks, senior investigator with SLED, South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, and his partner Cathy Motts, are thrust into an investigation creating shock waves across the country. Facing pressures from high-ranking state politicians plus federal investigators wanting to remove SLED from the case, the two investigators race against a time limit to find the killer. Every person attending the party is a suspect including the highest elected officials in the state government. The Lace House Murder stays inside South Carolina but weaves fact and fiction together into an exciting narrative. When you are finished reading the book, you will be asking about the sequel.