Levels of Power Foreigner
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Levels of Power Foreigner

Levels of Power: The Foreigner

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Release: Oct 6, 2014

An eight-day vacation in England for U.S. Senator Randy Fisher takes a dangerous twist when a face from his past appears on his last day in London. The face is that of a dead terrorist from three years ago that tried to detonate a nuclear device in South Carolina. Overcoming his shock, Randy leaves his family sitting speechless in a restaurant to pursue the one man who can provide answers to unanswered questions. Who was responsible for bringing the device into the United States three year ago? Is there a new terrorist plot about to take place in London? From Trafalgar Square through Charing Cross Station and across the River Thames, Randy chases the man only to lose him when ambushed by a second suspect. His only physical proof to the possible plot is the contents of a backpack lost by the suspect. Now he must turn to the British government for assistance. Randy’s friend, Marion Bellwood, Deputy Director of Operations for the CIA joins the local authorities to hunt down the suspected terrorist group before they can unleash a deadly attack against vital London infrastructure. The Foreigner is a political thriller with a non-stop pace.