Levels of Power Chairman
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Levels of Power Chairman

Levels of Power: The Chairman

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Release: Jul 28, 2014

Due to a vacancy on the high court, President Harold Miller must appoint a new chief justice. As a member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Senator Randy Fisher must take part in the confirmation process. A sudden illness of the committee chairperson compels the Senate leadership to appoint Randy as the temporary chairperson of the committee.
The president’s nominee, by all standards, appears to be perfect for the coveted position and only a slight slip of the tongue during his courtesy meeting in Senator Fisher’s office sets off warning bells in Randy’s mind. Why had the nominee lied about his wife when there was no reason to lie?
Join Randy Fisher and his Senate staff as they launch their own investigation into the private life of the nominee and his wife. Is there a reason to prevent Randy from supporting the president’s nominee?
The further they dig, the darker the information they uncover.