Capitol Center Murder
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Capitol Center Murder

The Capital Center Murder

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Release: Aug 14, 2015

A body falling 20 stories to the top floor of a parking deck sustains unsightly damage. It was almost enough to disguise a .22 caliber bullet wound as the real cause of death.

The victim was a South Carolina state employee working at the time of his death in an office rented by the state within the Capitol Center Building. The building lies within the heart of the state capitol and the law mandates that SLED lead the investigation.

Tommy Marks and Cathy Motts of the State Law Enforcement Division once again lead their team of investigators looking into the death of Paul Lawrence. Very quickly, they discover the victim may have brought about his own death. Thousands of dollars hidden in a bank lockbox indicates Lawrence was taking kickbacks for state contracts issued by his department. When they discover money from a blotched Drug Enforcement Agency undercover operation mixed with the victim’s money, the DEA joins the chase for the killer. Soon after, the Federal Bureau of Investigation worms their way into the SLED investigation when it appears crimes have crossed state borders.

One victim and many potential suspects keep the investigators chasing down clues and lead to more questions than answers. All the while, a team of deadly hired killers waits in silence for
their own quarry to appear. In and around the Capitol Center Building the case develops. The tallest building in South Carolina may be the deadliest.