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Release: Jul 10, 2015

Twelve people, equally divided into three groups and separated by thousands of miles, discover together the answers to the beginning of our universe and all the life it contains.
With the advent of a new solar cell developed in 2018 and coupled with the laminar flow battery, the value of oil plunges below pre-World War II levels. Within a few years, the economy of all oil-producing countries collapse. Soon after the failing governments must reorganize to survive. Where the map of the world once showed hundreds of countries, now the new borders contain only six.
In the year 2036, Dr. Hannah Judah is a psychology professor at a small college in Ashville, North Carolina. In her spare time, she treats patients referred by the Modulation Program. Created by the new government of the United Nations of North America the program helps people to manage their stress levels brought on by the new world order. When stress levels build beyond the program’s allowance, Hannah and other doctors must offer treatment. Along with three of her patients, she discovers the cause of their sleepless nights is more than just from everyday worries.
In Cheshire, England, astronomer Michael Dan leads a group of four people that study natural occurrences of the Sun through the newest solar telescope. With the sensitive equipment at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, they cannot explain with excepted scientific principles the physical movement of a new sunspot. Over a period of a few weeks, they learn their discovery will forever change the world and about life beyond Earth.
The Organization of European Nations experienced the greatest mixture of ethnics and religious cultures than any of the other six countries. Trying to plan for their future the new national government contracts a group of four anthropologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to determine future human migration for the next 25, 50, and 100 years. Angelo Simeon, Toni to her friends, heads the group in their research. As they work to use history to predict the future, world events move faster than they could ever imagine.